In a City Without Seasons
Hello there, darlin'. Won't you come in and stay for a bit?

So I went into this place today called Marbles (AKA ‘The Brain Store’). Amongst a huge array of cool little brain teasers and board games, this book caught my eye.

This 352 page book is filled with short stories, advice, D-I-Y projects, tips for both mental and physical health, parlor games (Things like Charades or 20 Questions, but the ones I’ve read so far seem a lot more entertaining than those!), and just so, so, so much more. Essentially, a collection of things about having fun and staying creative in your environment. The introduction for the book states, “Use the world, or the world will use you.”

It’s mainly targeted towards a younger audience, seeing as the phrase “be sure to do this with your grownup” pops up quite often, as well as a section about dealing with puberty and whatnot. However, I’ve taken away a lot of things so far that I can personally use, and now I also have some new activities to do with my young niece and nephew the next time I see them.

If you are able to pick up a copy of this book somewhere, I highly recommend it. In the meantime, you can check out their awesome website.